Portfolio Breakdown

FYPboth Senior











Showreel time: 0:20 – 0:29 / 0:39 – 45

Involvement: Final year project converting brightly lit scenes into snowy winter scenes using NUKE, Maya and Photoshop. Particles in NUKE used to create the falling snow.














Showreel time: 0:09 – 0:20 / 0:34- 39

Involvement: Group project to create the CG for part of a film trailer for a client in Germany. Environment was built and textured by group then passed on to me to be rendered and composited.









Showreel time: 0:30 – 0:34

Involvement: Individual project for Dynamics and Simulation module. 3D scanned model  had dynamics applied to it, was textured, lit and rendered then composited into a 3D projected  scene.









Showreel time: 0:03 – 0:09

Involvement: Group project including ten shots which were matchmoved and rendered using an IBL